Best Time to go Saltwater Fishing

WHEN IS THE BEST TIME TO GO SALTWATER FISHING: The best time to go fishing can vary quite a bit. However, before we dig into the details we can make one blanket statement: fish just about everywhere are almost always active at sunrise and sunset. These periods of changing light levels trigger feeding behavior in all kinds of predatory…


Fish Finders

FISH FINDERS: One of the great mysteries of boating is wondering what lurks beneath the waves. More specifically, how deep is the water, where are the submerged rocks, and where are the fish? Fundamentals A fish-finder is an electronic device, consisting of a display and a transducer that uses sound waves (Sound Navigation And Ranging, or sonar) to “see”…


Yamaha Outboards

NOW BETTER VALUE THAN EVER: Yamaha Motor Australia has announced a pricing adjustment on selected four stroke models from F4 to F130. The announcement of these price decreases is great news for marine consumers in the process of selecting their choice of outboard power for new boat packages or engine repowers. Yamaha’s innovative range of four stroke outboards are…


Clean Boating Guide

GUIDE FOR CLEANER BOATING: Shortly after a boat passes, its wake disappears. Be aware as boaters, we do impact the waters we love, and there are ways to minimise our marine footprint. We have a responsibility to leave our waterways and our world as unsullied as possible, and it is up to us to help protect the marine environments…


Our Tips to Prevent Outboard Corrosion

PREVENT OUTBOARD CORROSION: Marine enthusiast on any level will probably be familiar with saltwater corrosion and the damage it can cause. However, did you know that corrosion can happen just about anywhere in your outboard? This includes inside the fuel system or in the internal cooling water passages as well as on the outer electrical connections and various exposed…


Choosing the Right Boat

HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT BOAT FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY: Coast Road Motors is the oldest “same owner”, Yamaha Outboard Dealership in South Australia. Selling Yamaha Outboards since 1982 has given us the knowledge and experience to confidently offer exceptional levels of service and advice. We carry a large inventory of new and used boats for sale at…


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